Frauds Them All

The more I delve into the world of the gambling community, the more I find frauds, scammers, and snakes. The claim is simple: “You can make a good living by playing the casinos. Be disciplined and use this method (system, strategy). Don’t be greedy. Treat it like a business.”

Well, the common wisdom is that the house always wins. And that is mathematically 100% true! In the long run, the casinos will always win, because they have the statistical advantage. Sure, there are the occasional winners from the gambling public, but they are few and far between. The vast majority lose.

There are the so-called “professional gamblers,” who try to make a living from playing the casino games. I can believe that someone skilled enough might be able to stay ahead in a game such as poker, where chance and luck are only components to the overall game, and where skill also factors in. However, games of pure chance, such as baccarat, craps, and roulette are a different story. Even without considering commissions, the game is at best a 50/50 game of chance. To claim that anyone can consistently beat a 50/50 game is quite extraordinary. In the long run mathematically, the best he can hope for is to break even. Include commissions into the story and in the long run, he must always lose.

A wise man once said, “Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence.”

So far, I have not found one bit of concrete, verifiable, objective evidence that anyone can consistently be profiting by playing a 50/50 game of chance. It is statistically impossible, and to claim to be able to do so is like claiming someone is able to violate the laws of thermodynamics by getting more energy out of a system than inputting energy into a system (thus solving our energy needs).

At one of the popular forum for baccarat players, most of the contributors are cranky old men who use the forum as their battleground to fight each other. For example, there’s a master marketer named “Ellis” (E. Clifton Davis), who apparently has been around quite awhile, and he can certainly talk the game very well. He claims to have written best-selling course manuals and books on baccarat and black jack, and he owns a private forum for baccarat, black jack, and sports picks. But he spends more time advertising for his forum (a membership which costs $50 per month, or $500 lifetime) than offering genuinely helpful pointers for winning the game. Of course! To get the real meat, you have to join his forum!

Then there’s Ellis’ arch rival, a gnarly guy named “garnabby,” a crabby Canadian (Kitchener, Ontario), who attacks Ellis at every opportunity. Ellis says garnabby is just jealous, and calls him a deranged lunatic liar, who’s never actually played baccarat at a real casino. On the other hand, garnabby accuses Ellis of being a scammer who is more interested in getting people to hand over $50 per month to join a forum where members are scammed into believing they will become consistently winning baccarat players, but instead, they find half-baked strategies that continually need changing and updating (and hence a reason to stay at the forum to shell out another $50 the next month, and the next month, just to keep up with the current flavor of the month).

According to one anecdotal story, Ellis and four of his students held an exhibition match where garnabby attended as a witness. According to Ellis, he and his students won 85% of the hands. But garnabby denies Ellis and his students won anything, or they did not win legitimately. Neither one is able to provide objective, verifiable data or records to demonstrate what had happened in reality. So, it really is one side’s word against the other.

Indeed, sometimes I wonder whether Ellis and garnabby are the same exact person, the product of some clever marketer’s mind who has far too much time on his hands, but using this apparent conflict of personalities to generate interest for Ellis’ forum. I mean, relatively speaking, $50 is little compared to the hundreds and even thousands that other system sellers want, and so the average person may think, “So, let me test to see whether there’s anything valuable at Ellis’ forum, and if I lose $50, so be it.” Meanwhile, Ellis gets $50 richer for every sucker who buys into his sales pitch.

There are others at the forum who have similarly warned me that Ellis is a scammer. For example, a user named John. He comes across as less bitter than garnabby, but he is equally wary of anyone who claims a 50/50 game can be consistently beat. He has done a good job at the forum listing the known scammers, the unscrupulous system sellers who provide nothing but junk for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. He has even provided these systems as free downloads, so as to stop the scammers from defrauding more people.

There is another user named Bryan from Singapore who claims he has played professionally at casinos for the past 15 years using an extremely simple trigger, but his bet frequency is very low. Ellis claims the bet frequency would not be enough to satisfy most pit-bosses in the U.S., but Bryan insists it is quite acceptable in Asia, because otherwise, he would not have been able to use it consistently for so long. Because of the criticism he has received, Bryan refused to post his triggers publicly. He is not impressed with the hostile tone of the forum.

The only one I’ve talked to on the phone so far is a user named steve6969, hailing from Detroit, MI. According to steve6969, he bought one month at Ellis’ forum, where he became very impressed with a few systems posted there, especially Maverick and ADOT. Using what he had learned from others at Ellis’ forum, he claims to have won a lot at casinos in Detroit, and that over the lifetime of his playing, he is up. He sounds like a very friendly guy, and his advice regarding known scammers has already saved me quite a bit of money. He says that if I’m able to master Maverick, he could bankroll my playing. He’s the only one I’ve personally talked to, but I have never met him or watched him play, so at this point, what he has shared with me are still only anecdotal stories, personal opinions, and unsubstantiated claims. He does sound honest, though, and he has not asked me for a dime for his counsel, advice, and helpful suggestions. If only everyone were like him!

So, what’s someone to do in this forest of interesting characters? From the time I found Tony (Anthony) Lango’s ad on Craigslist, I have been researching the validity of whether someone can make a consistent, good living playing a casino game such as baccarat. So far, I have only found others making the same claims, but nothing verifiable.

The search continues.


11 Responses to “Frauds Them All”

  1. I have read your posts on Lango and can only conclude that since he won’t do it your way and walk you into a casino for a demo and you’re too cheap to pay him his price, then you slam him as a scammer. The bottom line is, you’re upset because he won’t give you what you want for free. Why else would you devote so much blog time to him when you’re not out any money.

    • virtuoid Says:


      Thanks for your reply. Read my posts again: I never said Tony is a scammer, and I’m not “upset” that I won’t get for free what he is offering. (I have my own baccarat method, so why would I pay anyone else for one?)

      From the first hand experience of two of his students who did pay him $1000 for his material, they reported to me that in their opinion, he is a scammer and pathological liar. This is not my own opinion; I merely reported what others have told me, others who had been taught by him.

      The reason why I posted about him is because I wanted people to become aware that others have lost money using his method, and I wanted to report the truth. I’m wanting to help people have enough objective information to make an informed choice.

      I’ve challenged him to prove his method, and I’d be more than willing to objectively, accurately, and honestly report the results. He ignores my challenge, though. Why would he do that if he is offering something real? From the hits I get to my blog, it would definitely be to his advantage to prove himself to my readers, as he would be quite busy teaching new students.

      But feel free to pay him his tuition to learn his method. If it is your road to riches, start blogging about it and tell the world the good news!

    • Lango is a scammer, just like all of them. Thing is, the really good scammers have done their dog & pony show so much that they believe their own bullshit.

  2. […] System 40: Ellis Clifton Davis – Page 6 – Baccarat Forums

  3. marcus clark Says:

    I have been playing baccarat for many years now and purchases many systems,they work but loss more shoes than they win.One asian guy in americia that is selling baccarat system s from $400-$100000 i have spoken to this guy on the phone and he said has no complants from his cilents even the ones that have brought a $100000 system if this guy was a scammer he would have be out of business by now.Do you have any information on this guy web site is http://www.••••••••••••••.com. May be you can check this guy out(phone etc )and let me no your opinion

    • Marcus,

      Thanks for your questions.

      The guy behind the site you mentioned is a well-known scammer. On the popular baccarat forums, he comes across as a deranged lunatic and nuisance. He has many aliases, but one of them is “Selung” from Singapore, though that particular name had been permanently banned from BF.

      If you have that kind of money to spend, I hope you will do so wisely and for a much more noble purpose.

      Best to you,


  4. have you tried or heard bills method ? its a 1-2-4 bet strategy using random banker player sequence…. please post some tests if this is really something to be tried at casino.. thanks

    • virtuoid Says:

      Never tried or heard of “bills method.”

      • Every single one of these slimeballs are sociopaths. They should be exterminated like so many cockroaches.

        Think about this a minute: If there was a way to beat any of these games, the dealers would be the first to get in line. They would all quit their crappy minimum wage jobs and cash in.

  5. Hey I had been persistently beating Baccarat since this year January.

    I am selling the strategy for 2.3 billion at the moment.

    I think going from $500 to $25,000 cannot be luck if the wager was $160,000+ in total. So yes the game can be beaten.

    If this golden grail goes to the public, Macau will be devestated (unless they use fix-odds shuffling machines)

    • I congratulate you, Glenn.
      Please remember to donate some of your fortune to the poor and needy.
      Best of luck,

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