Horseshoe Chinatown

I visited the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, IN, tonight.

I’m very impressed with it!

They’ve literally got a whole annex to the casino devoted to mini-bacc, big-bacc, and EZ-bacc. Literally about 20 tables, most of them full. The place was 90% Asians (even the dealers & drink servers were dressed up in Asian clothing), and 1/4 of them were chain smokers. The ventilation wasn’t very good, and my throat starting hurting after an hour. I wanted to play at one of the non-smoking tables, but after 2 hours, they only got through 1/2 of a shoe!! (They let standing players place bets over the shoulders of sitting ones, so the dealer takes forever to pay out all the betters.)

Very crowded, people bumping into me all the time, shooing me away when I was standing behind a table and they wanted to place their bets.

Some hard-core serious gamblers, betting stacks of green and black.

I saw one guy glued to his seat and updating his score cards religiously.  He obviously had some kind of system, but it didn’t seem to be working out well for him.

They were using real 25 cent quarters for the commissions at the tables – they didn’t use the peach chips at all. So, the dealer had rolls of quarters, and people could pay the commissions from the loose change they had in their pockets.

I left after watching for 2 hours, but didn’t play. The table I was recording was a huge winner on paper, but only because two 8+ streaks showed up early. Then it went into chop. But I got +20u within an hour just following the streaks. It was too easy and thus unremarkable. Well, too bad I didn’t play it with real money.

The ventilation was poor, however, and I felt like I was in a gas chamber.  There were two non-smoking tables in the corner, but people were still smoking around them.  Besides, the entire annex was filled with smoke already.  As much as I would like to play there regularly due to the many, many tables, I don’t think I could stand the smoke very long.


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