Steve Gowan: A New Name for an Old Con

Alert: The well-known baccarat scammer Jay (“Craig Mayor,” “Justtryingtomakeit,” “melarvae”) is now posing as “Steve Gowan.” He is now using the email address:, and his phone number is 702 788 3500. He is an African-American male who lives in Las Vegas. (He had been using the email addresses: and; and the same phone number 702 788 3500.)

I first warned the public about him here in this blog entry. I found two of his victims who had purchased his baccarat systems, only to find that they don’t work and loses money. (One lost over ten thousand dollars using his system, and another, Tom Dimos, shared his story in this blog entry.)

His new ad on Craigslist goes like this:

Date: 2010-08-03, 10:55PM CDT
Reply to:

I have a sophisticated (not complicated) strategy for even money bets on craps and baccarat, that will produce small consistent profits everyday that you play. It will win with live dealers, as well as the random number generators online. The best thing is that it only requires a 25 unit bankroll and the most that you will ever have to bet at one time is 2 units. This is a LOW RISK/ MEDIUM REWARD style of play, unlike trading commodities, stocks, or forex. I have plenty of REAL testimonials from people that have already played my strategy, who can cosign that my strategy really works and will hold strong throughout the test of time. Also, I’m looking for a few investors (OR MAYBE JUST ONE, FOR A ENTIRELY DIFFERENT METHOD), who are/is financially capable of backing me. The minimum bankroll requirement will be no less than $100,000. As you can see, I’m not talking about peanuts here. With a $100,000 dollar bankroll, you can expect a 50% return ($50,000) per week, like clockwork. You’re not going to find returns this good anywhere in the world. Of course, this option is only for the serious minded investor who can afford it and doesn’t mind thinking outside of the box, as far as investments are concerned. If you are interested in my program or in becoming and investor, then simply reply to my ad, and I will answer all of your questions in FULL DETAIL.

Now, allow me to clear up a few things, since I have been getting a stampede of silly questions. I AM TEACHING MY LOW RISK STRATEGY ONLY. When dealing with an investor, I will be using a different “medium risk/high reward” method. I AM NOT SELLING THIS METHOD! It’s not for sale. The method that I am selling will not make you rich overnight, but it will supplement your income. If that is what you are looking for, then there really is no reason for you not to check it out. My method is guaranteed to win and it’s comes with a money back guarantee, that is 100% backed by Paypal. But, with my second method, I am not looking for any recreational gamblers. I’m looking for serious people who actually want to make a large return on their investment. I can prove any and EVERYTHING that I am telling you. The only downside to this method, is that you (me) (we), run the risk of getting kicked out of the casino, under certain circumstances. This is why a huge bankroll is required. It’s not worth the risk, with a small bankroll. Now that I have cleared that up, feel free to ask intelligent questions!

If you email him for more information, he will write back:

With every email that I send, I include small descriptions about both programs. But, if you are only interested in the “investor” portion, then feel free to skip towards the end.

The program itself, only cost $300 dollars. You get what you pay for. If I were selling something with an outrageous claim of making 50 units or more per shoe, then I would charge more, but nothing like that exist in today’s gambling environment. And on the other hand, if I were selling something that continually lost, day in and day out, I would charge much less (Just like the seller’s on Ebay). As it stands, you will not make a bet every hand while using my strategy. This point alone, should let you know that you’re going to have an advantage over the casino. The only time a player will consistently fall victim to the house’s edge, is when you flat bet every single hand. But, when you make room for variable change, you will automatically put yourself in a privilege position. My strategy is based solely off of statistical occurrences, that happen in the long and short runs of each game. You will win at least 7 out of every 10 games. Since the loses are minimal, they will never outweigh the gains. You can except to realize around a 6 unit profit everyday. Do not let that number fool you, because as I stated in my advertisement, you will only need a 25 unit bankroll. Therefore, with $2500 dollars, you will play at $100 dollar units, and make at least $600 dollars, just about every trip. My method comes with a 100% money back guaranteed that is fully backed by Paypal!

If you want to make the most amount of money from utilizing my strategy, then it would be in your best interest to play Baccarat. It has the best odds and it is the most consistent game in the casino. The method that I am going to send you, is a flat betting method, with a high winning percentage. You will not find anything like this anywhere else in the world. Simply because, not too many people understand where or how to find consistent factors within each game.

Now, as far as my investor project is concerned, I will use a totally different and more powerful system that isn’t for sale. The system that I have developed, takes a 40 unit lifetime bankroll, and I can easily double it, in a three to four day time period, over and over again. I have already done this before, as a demonstration, for two investors at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas, with a smaller bankroll. The problem was, I received a lot of heat from the Casino management (since I played for 10 hours straight and more than doubled their bankroll) and the two investors didn’t really have necessary capital that I was seeking to fund the project. They basically just wanted to see if they could catch on to what I was doing and then go and play for themselves, which didn’t work out for them. So I am asking you, if you are an interested investor, please do not be that kind of guy. With the right investor, with at least $100,000 dollars, I can expose myself to the larger casinos out here in Las Vegas, and turn that $100,000 dollar bankroll into over $1.5 – $2 million dollars in about a months time. These are not exaggerated figures either. These are “worst case scenario” figures that I giving to you. Nobody else has the kind of system that I have developed. The only risk here, is getting banned from the casinos prematurely. That’s it! That’s also why I wanted to start with a big bankroll, so that snowball effect will to place at a faster rate. And I’m not saying that you or I will definitely get banned from playing in Las Vegas, but it is a risk that we will run from playing my top method. No, it’s not illegal in anyway way, shape, or form. It just wins at such a high rate, that most casinos become uncomfortable and would like to stop the bleeding as soon as they can. Anyway, there is a mountain of money to be made here, so feel free to ask as many questions as you want.

Notice his supposed money-back guarantee via PayPal. Be assured, though, he does not honor it, and PayPal will not honor your refund request, because his product is classified as “digital media,” so you can’t prove that he didn’t send it to you. Both of his victims who I spoke with learned this the hard way, and appealing to PayPal for a refund does not work.

When confronted with the truth, he will deny recognizing the names which he has used in the past, “Jay,” “Justtryingtomakeit,” “Craig Mayor,” “melarvae,” and curse and insult you like crazy. He is obviously a deranged, pathological liar, and I pity him. He simply doesn’t know the truth about baccarat, and is thus reduced to pedaling lies.

All I can do is help as many people become aware of his scam, and hope that some day he redeems himself by discovering the truth. I’m finding it difficult, though, to keep up with all these scammers and chameleons. There are dozens if not hundreds out there (in a myriad of subjects), and it amazes me that people are gullible enough to fall for their scams. The agencies and authorities are too busy to prosecute every one of them, so there really is no recourse for justice except to hope that eventually the public gains enough common sense to ignore these scammers. One can only hope.


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  1. Thanks for the warning. You are absolutely correct. I did reply as interested party to finance him the $100k and he responded exactly as above.
    I am not surprised if he is a black dude. I have never had good experience with these guys. Lie, cheat, and lazy.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Fred, and I’m glad to help someone else avoid getting scammed. Yeah, this guy is notorious in the baccarat community. I can’t believe a normal human being can act like he does. I really think he needs help. Well, what goes around comes around, and we can only hope someday he will finally find some truth in his life. Then he can be a blessing, rather than a liability to society.

  3. I had a communication with this guy for the past 3 days where he was expecting $1m from me to finance his bank roll for Baccarat in Aria casino. Here are some of his correspondents;

    Steve to Singh;

    I am dead serious about the effectiveness of the method that I have developed, which is why I am not selling my strategy. Instead, I’m looking to set up a joint venture between one investor and myself. You are the third person that has contacted me about my investor program. So far, this week, I have given one demonstration to one client from Chicago, who flew out here to Las Vegas this past Thursday. He only wanted to play $100 dollar units, with a $10,000 dollar bankroll, as a tester. I showed him a 100% return over the course of three days. Keep in mind that the first two days were short and the last day (Today) lasted for a period of 6 hours. I am giving another demonstration to my second contact on Tuesday, August 17, 2010, at the Palace Station! Both clients are talking about putting up much more than the required minimum, but at this point, it’s just TALK! I’ll have to see it to believe it. Therefore, this is a first come, first serve basis. I will not work with multiple investors at once, because it will limit my time and dedication towards each investor. I will conservatively put a 7 day time frame in place, to successfully double the bankroll. But, if you are seriously in a rush to shoot from $100,000 to “$……..”, then I can work wonders in a very short period of time. All profits will be split 50/50! Therefore, instead of the bankroll being fully doubled in 4 to 7 days, it will take 8 to 14 days. Unless, you want me to play non stop for a faster ROI. Nobody has a problem with the profit split, once they see how accurate my method performs, not to mention the speed in which it accumulates a profit. There is absolutely no one out here in Las Vegas with a better program. Trust me, I have done my homework on this one.

    The system that I have developed, takes a 50 unit lifetime bankroll (but I’ll play with 100 units, just to prove how powerful it is), and as I’ve already stated, I can easily double it, in a three to four day time period, over and over again. Aside from my potential investor from Chicago, I have already done this before, a few months ago, as a demonstration for two other investors at the Bellagio Casino, with a smaller bankroll. The problem was, I received a lot of heat from the Casino management (since I played for 10 hours straight and more than doubled their bankroll) and the two investors didn’t really have necessary capital that I was seeking to fund the project. They basically just wanted to see if they could catch on to what I was doing and then go and play for themselves, which didn’t work out for them. So I am asking you, if you are an interested investor, please do not be that kind of guy. With the right investor, with at least $100,000 dollars, I can expose myself to the larger casinos out here in Las Vegas, and turn that $100,000 dollar bankroll into over $1 – $1.5 million dollars in about two months or less. These are not exaggerated figures either. These are “worst case scenario” figures that I giving to you. Nobody else has the kind of system that I have developed. The only risk here, is getting banned from the casinos prematurely. That’s it! That’s also why I wanted to start with a big bankroll, so that snowball effect will to place at a faster rate. And I’m not saying that you or I will definitely get banned from playing in Las Vegas, but it is a risk that we will run from playing my top method. No, it’s not illegal in anyway way, shape, or form. It just wins at such a high rate, that most casinos become uncomfortable and would like to stop the bleeding as soon as they can. Anyway, there is a mountain of money to be made here, so feel free to ask as many questions as you want.

    On Sat, Aug 14, 2010 at 8:34 PM, g s wrote:
    ** Avoid: wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home
    ** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping
    ** More Info:

    Reference your add in craigslist list. I am very much interested in financing you. Let me have details. $100k to start but could be higher if needed , but must be serious .

    I may have to go to a business trip but if you are serious I can postpone to try this opportunity.

    You’re absolutely right! Starting from $1M will provide a lot more breathing room, as far as hitting the max is concerned. Beginning with $1M, I should be able to get somewhere between $20M – $40M (maybe higher), before the casinos start to pull the plug on our operation. I like, and appreciate your honesty. And if we start at $1M, then I have no problem with the split being 60/40! Once again, my number is 702 788 3500. I’ll be available all day long on Sunday!


    The best way to get your buy-in to any Casino is via Bank Wire! The suggested amount that we should start with is $1M. And the best casino to start playing my method, is Aria Hotel and Casino, which is apart of the City Center project on the Las Vegas strip! They allow you to bet high and win big, for a long period of time before they start to become suspicious! Which is exactly what we want!


    I just got off of the phone with Aria, and they informed me that you do not have to have an account with them in order to wire money to them. Aria does bank to bank wire transfers. To confirm this, you can call the Cashier’s Cage directly at 702 590 7295
    I would like to get started ASAP. You can either govern me yourself, or have one of your associates accompany me. It’s completely up to you and whatever makes you feel comfortable. At $1M, we will be playing $10,000 dollar units, and I’m going to push for 30 – 40 units per day.

    Ok, I have no problem with that. I am ready to get started as soon as you’re ready. Also, I am going to push for at least +40 units per day. Meaning $400,000 split 60/40 ($240,000/$160,000)! This can easily be accomplished within 2 or 3 shoes. If that is good enough for you, then I will reach this target everyday.

    Thank you once again for giving me this opportunity, as well as the possible future opportunities along side you. You definitely will not be disappointed, as I am widely considered to be a Baccarat master amongst the Asian community out here in Las Vegas.

    Yes, Shuffle Master is the name of the company that most of the Las Vegas casinos use. The other casinos just use a pre-calculated hand shuffle that produces the same exact results as the machines. It’s nice to know that the casinos in Macau uses the same kind of shuffles as they do in Las Vegas. That information may come in handy in the future. I look forward to hearing from you after Aria confirms the bank wire. I am even more eager to get started now, just to show you exactly how good my method really is, and also how fast it generates profits.
    You’re very welcome, and I will remember exactly what you have just told me. As for the India Stock market, I would have to learn it first, before I can exploit it. But, I’m sure that I could come up with a method of how to play any market. Most of the time, to complete a task that most people would consider “impossible,” just takes a little “out of the box” thinking. And believe it or not, it’s easier to come up with a strategy to take advantage of the stock market, than it is for Baccarat. So for me to come up with something this powerful for Baccarat, I’m 100% sure that I would be able to form a winning strategy for the India Stock Market. It will just be a matter of time!

    Also, I just figured out a way on how to last much much longer without getting banned from the casino. If you do not want to hire an attorney, I can have my business partner Jamel Harris accompany me to Aria’s Cashier’s Cage (and to the Baccarat Tables) to withdraw some of the bankroll to play with. This way, I will not have to give them my Identification Card, and I will not be forced to have my gameplay tracked by the casino. Or if you do hire an attorney, that would be great too, because I will not have to show my I.D. Either way, would assist in keeping a low profile with the casinos. Which would be an excellent situation and by operating that way, I could possibly push for $200M or more.
    My business partner’s name is Jamel Harris!

    His home address is 5370 East Craig Road 2442, Las Vegas, Nevada 89115

    And his phone number is 702 351 1287

    The way that I am able to predict the next outcome of a Baccarat decision, with over an 80% accuracy, is because my method adheres to random patterns of a Baccarat shoe. This means, instead of trying to jump on the end of a pattern that looks like this: PBPBPBPB (P = player, B = banker), as most players would, I will more than likely be already on it from the beginning of that pattern, or any pattern for that matter. My method will basically predict what the next decision will be before it happens, rather than follow the trend of what may not continue. Through a specialized technique, I am constantly alternating from betting Player to betting Banker. I will not alternate every single hand, only when it’s called for. This style of play and formula is what keeps me on the winning side over 80% of the time. This is what I meant when I said that my method thrives and feeds off of this random game called Baccarat. No matter what pattern is thrown out at me, my system and bet selection will be able to handle it and gain control over the shoe. Even if I’m not on the right target at first, no more than 3 or 4 decisions will go by, before I am back on the right path.

    Singh, I have played and tested my method through over 2000 Baccarat shoes. The average statistician will tell you that you only need to test a system through 600 shoes to determine whether or not you have a winner. I took the liberty of putting my method through a vigorous test of over 3 times the required amount of shoes, just to make sure that I had a sure fire winner. And I do! I can assure you that I am definitely NOT a scam. My system works and I am true to my word. I have absolutely nothing to hide from you or anyone else for that matter. I am and have been completely honest and upfront with you and every other person that has contacted me about my Baccarat method.

    I hope that you understand the mechanics of my system a little better now. Because I know that it can be hard to grasp the concept of something that you do not completely understand!

    This is part 2 to my explanation. To put it as simple as possible, my method operates off of the statistical occurrences that happen throughout a shoe. Over the of 80 decisions, which is the average amount of decision of an entire baccarat shoe, the game will produce 18 single decisions (PBPB…), 9 double decisions (PPBBPP….), 4.5 triple decisions (PPPBBBPPP….), and so on and so fourth, dividing everything by 50% from here on out. Well, since we are dealing with random shoes, these averages will become our main benefactor. My method predicts what the next bet should be according to these averages with over an 80% accuracy rate. This is what separates a winning player from a losing player. Most people cannot perform simple math while sitting at the tables, BUT I CAN! And all it takes is a little math, coupled with the right money management, and you’ll have a sure winner. This is how I am able to guarantee that you or I will not lose! If you’re still not sure about my explanation, just let me know, and I will try to explain it better.

    I understand what you meant now, and I can assure you that nobody is putting me up to anything. My intentions are genuine as my system.

    With the 39 decisions that you just gave to me, my method would have scored a +12 units, and this is only because 39 decisions is only considered to be about half of a total shoe. I can even show you exactly what I did. How many bets I lost, compared to how many bets I won! And as you can see, you randomly put together a list of decisions and my method still came out victorious. Trust me, it is not an easy task trying to explain something as sophisticated as my strategy. But, I will try to do my best.
    Here’s the best way for you to see what I am made of. When you get back from your meeting. You can randomly mark down 80 Player and Banker decisions and then I will sign up for a yahoo account so that we can both be on yahoo messenger at the same exact time. From there, as you have your 80 decisions in front of you, we will go down the line and I will tell you where I would have placed the next bet, BEFORE YOU TELL ME WHAT THE NEXT DECISION IS! How does that sound? Because that’s ultimately what is happening inside of real gameplay at the casinos!

    Ok, now you’re not making any sense! How am I supposed to convince you, if you’re not even willing to do due diligence with me. It was kind of hard for me to believe that you were serious about investing, because at first you wanted to give it a go, and then as I started to explain things to you, you started to back out. That doesn’t make any sense at all. Baccarat gives you the best odds in the casino, and there is no other game where a player can make more money.

    This so called dilemma can easily be solved if you get some pre-documented decisions and allow me to run my method through them, without seeing the results beforehand. I do not understand how you claim that, that will not convince you. Because that’s exactly what is happening at the casino. I will not know the decisions before I tell you where to bet.

    And saying that you do not believe me, is basically just like calling me a liar, when I have never lied about anything. I sent a friend invite to you through yahoo messenger and you haven’t even accepted it. I’m doing everything in my power to further prove that I can turn $1M into $200M, and now it seems like, out of the blue, my efforts aren’t good enough for you. I seriously hope that you weren’t playing a joke on me this entire time. Because I have been serious and upfront with you this entire time.
    If what I am telling you is so hard to believe, then why didn’t you put me to the test, like you said that you would. All you had to do, was either get some baccarat shoes from the internet and we could have ran a test. Or you could have signed on to, where they have a live Baccarat dealer, and we could have done the test like that. I am sitting here trying to prove to you that my method works. Why would I lie about something like this? Singh, I meet people in person all of the time. If what I had didn’t work, then why would I bother putting myself on the line like that? As it stands, I was only looking for a $100,000 dollar investor to begin with, but you said that it wasn’t worth starting off that low, well would it be starting off that low, just to show you that I can actually double your money in 3 or 4 days?

    And I do not get how you do not understand how easy it is for me to beat this game! Why would it be hard for me to defeat a game of random nature, using guaranteed statistics, that will occur in every single shoe that is played, when I using a system that relies on random patterns! In the stock market, if you knew that the price of a certain stock would drop exactly three times, because it jumps back up, well then how hard would it be for you create a winning system around that statistic? Well, the same math applies to the game of Baccarat. It’s not like I’m a psychic or anything. I am simply using math to beat the game of Baccarat.
    I am not complaining, I was explaining the statistics to you. What I do not understand is how you asked me for my phone number, which I give to you, and you still have yet to call me. You said that you were going to send a bank wire to Aria casino, without knowing anything about Baccarat, and when I started explaining everything to you, you wanted to pull out. You said that you wanted to hire an attorney to be by my side, as I play, which I had no problem with. You made it seem like you wanted me to prove this to you, and now you will not even give me a chance? Well, I have other smaller investors, so I’m definitely not complaining about anything. But, what I do know is that you were never serious about my opportunity in the first place, because you’re writing me off too fast for no reasons whatsoever! I did nothing wrong, but whatever, what’s done is done. It’s funny how you go from giving me words of wisdom and telling me that I have good intentions, and that you would give me advice on how to invest $10M once I make it, to basically calling me a liar and telling me that my system doesn’t work! I do not see how you can tell me to care about other people, when it’s obvious that you do not give a damn about me or the seriousness of my business.
    Once again, what are you talking about? I’m not arguing with you! How am I supposed to convince you of anything, when you do not even understand the game? I gave you a perfectly good explanation that anyone who understood the game, would understand. You are acting as if I just ignored your question, which I didn’t. I even offered to show you! All I’m saying is that what you are telling me isn’t adding up right now. From your first response, when you initially contacted me, you said that you were willing to push your current business plans to the side and come out here to Las Vegas. Well, I was willing to meet you and show you that I can beat this game for FREE, without you having to risk a dime. Yet, there was another excuse “out of the blue” on why you couldn’t come out here. Trust me, if you were in my position, you wouldn’t believe all of the things that you are saying either. I thought that this was going fine, I have made every effort to convince you. I was explaining everything to you to the best of my abilities, but you do not know the game and you DID NOT ASK ANY SPECIFIC QUESTIONS EITHER. Everything that you asked was a general question, and I clearly explain the answer. Now on the other hand, it sounded to me, like you wanted me to just give you the system. Well, if that’s what you wanted, then that’s all that you had to say. Because you can show my explanation to anyone else who knows the game and they would understand exactly what I am telling them. To put it simply, I’m not questioning your intelligence, but a person couldn’t explain numbers to someone that doesn’t know how to count! If you do not understand the game of Baccarat and how it operates, then it would be impossible for me to explain how I am easily able to gain an advantage. If people can easily beat BLACKJACK on a daily basis, via card counting, then why is it so hard to believe that I can beat Baccarat. It’s not like I am the only person in the world that can beat this game. There are thousands of others that can beat it too. We just all have different ways of approaching the game. All in All, this is very disappointing, because you acted as if you believed me and you wanted to go through with our business venture. And now you’re not even giving me a chance! I do not understand why!
    Also, there is no need for you to keep throwing how much money you make in my face. You do not really want to see other people make it, because if you did, then you wouldn’t be acting like this. You claim that money isn’t important to you, yet you’re scared of taking a $100,000 dollar chance? Well, at this point, money is important to me, and I thought that you were serious enough to take this to the next level, but I can clearly see that you purposely wasted my time, just for laughs. Congratulations!
    I’m not looking for hand outs, I have other investors. So me not working with you doesn’t bother me. It’s the fact that you wasted my time, that bothers me. And as far as I’m concerned you are nothing but a god damn liar. I do not have to inquire about a wire transfer. It doesn’t matter at this point, because I am fully aware that I am talking to a liar. LOL, there is nothing wrong with my attitude. The only thing that’s wrong with me is believing a liar like you in the first place. Shame on me. Just because you’re too dumb to learn the history of the game, this means that what I have doesn’t work? And I find it very funny that ever since I gave you my number, I’ve been getting a lot of telemarketing calls. You’re a fake, you were never coming out to Las Vegas in the first place. Stop emailing me, because you are a fucking liar. You have a shitty attitude and a horrible since of humor. This is why nobody in America trust anyone from India. Something is seriously wrong with you. Like a Billionaire is going to join hands with me for $10 million dollars? LOL, now that I look back at this, I should have know that you were full of shit from the start. And I thought that you were going to sleep? Why are you still emailing me? You asked me for my number, but you never called! You’re nothing but a scam artist yourself, and you’re the one complaining, because I’m not giving you all of the details of my system for free. It’s so obvious what you are doing. Plus, you do not realize this, but you have already contacted me a few months ago about my system. And I wouldn’t tell you everything then. So why would anything change now? SCAM ARTIST: CASE CLOSED. Now fuck off!
    You can do whatever you want at this point. It doesn’t matter to me anymore, and I do not believe a word of what you’re saying now. Thinking back on it, your words and your actions do not match up. You were ready to invest a million dollars yesterday, and now because you cannot comprehend what I am telling you, you’re ready to back out! That’s stupidity on your part, not mines! You even said that you would have one of your workers put me and my method to the test, and it’s clear that you lied about that too. Because you haven’t done it! Like I said, nothing that you have told me, is adding up! I do not care about your money (if you really have any at all), because scared money might as well not even exist. You are all talk. You didn’t even tell me your real name, so it’s probably you that is trying to run a scam, not me! It’s obvious that you are playing games with me, so STOP BOTHERING ME! I have nothing else to say to you, because you are a liar!

    As you notice the more he is pressured to explain his reason for having a solid system the more vulgar he becomes. He is a typical Black pimp.

    • Thanks for your report, Singh.

      He’s had his ad out for about a month now.

      If he really had such an outstanding system, he could have started with a $250 bankroll a month ago, and by now, he’d be a millionaire many times over – without having to share a dime with a “partner.”

      That’s the thing about all these scammers: they need other people’s money because they don’t want to risk their own, since they know full well they will probably lose it.

  4. […] “Steve Gowan,” “Craig Mayor,” “Justtryingtomakeit,” “melarvae,” “Jay.”

    Previous ImSpirit posts about him:

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    Now he is going by the name “Matthew Lawrence,” and his new pitch makes him the official Shuffle Master Hustler. […]

  5. Thank you all for the comments you’ve given. I understand several people are frustrated and angry about being conned – or almost being conned. However, there is NO NEED to go into racist comments. There are people who mean well, everywhere, regardless of race. Just as there are people who mean harm, also regardless of race. Surely you already know this. Please stick to the issue – which is NOT race. Keep your side of the street clean.

    Having said this, I responded to a Backpage ad a couple days ago and got a response that is similar in style. I got to this blog because the individual who calls himself “Brian” (no last name) responded to my query:


    Sent: Tuesday, September 4, 2012 9:44 AM
    Subject: ^^^^^^^ MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS IN ONE WEEK ^^^^^^^^ (NYC)

    ** Avoid: wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home
    ** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping
    ** More Info:

    Hi, I’ve seen your ad before. Do you not have a $5k tier as well? If so I’m interested. Please send some details either way. Thanks.

    This was the response I received today:

    Re: ^^^^^^^ MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS IN ONE WEEK ^^^^^^^^ (NYC)

    FROM: Bac Technique ;

    Message flagged Thursday, September 6, 2012 2:08 AM

    Before I begin, I just want to say that everything that I’m going to tell you is tried and true. No, there was never a $5K tier program. The ad company that I paid to post my ads, made a mistake with the numbers. Although my program my be unconventional, it provides a better and faster return than any Day Trade or Forex program out there! I do not over exaggerate any of my claims whatsoever. In other words, I’m not here to paint the picture of a perfect Utopia just to put a smile on your face. I’m just going to give you the hard facts, and a 100% return is a very “realistic” ROI in just one day!

    I am looking for an investor for my baccarat program. Meaning, I want the investor to be right here with me in Las Vegas, side by side, while I double the money every day (8 to 10 hours per day). This is something that I’ve already done before with another investor a little over one month ago, who in turn screwed me out of $300K, which was my cut of the profit ($1.2M total). This is all documented because we were playing on his player’s card at the Palazzo. As the title of my ad implies, I can turn $25K into $1,000,000 in just one week (projected over 7 days, not 5 days). What I do has nothing to do with cheating. Since you will be right there at the baccarat tables with me, you will see percentage returns almost instantaneously. Now to clear any questions that you may have as to why I am able to perform this good on a baccarat table is simple. I have created a betting technique that is 65% in sync with any shuffle master machine/house shuffle (they’re all the same) that every casino uses. How was I able to do this? I have a friend who has partial ownership of a gaming license and he rented a 2012 Shuffle Master machine (since nobody without a gaming license could buy or rent one). Once he received the machine, I was able to breakdown the algorithm of the machine’s software, and then create a method that follows suit. Also, my technique requires a 1000 unit bankroll. So, this cannot be done on a short (100 unit) bankroll. Hence, the reason for a minimum of $25K. All of this information is brand new. This is not something that I’ve been sitting on for an extended period of time. I can even prove it to you, for free, before you put up a dime of your money. The way that I prove it to you or anybody else for that matter, is you’re going to bring your own baccarat score cards (which have already been played), with you to our meeting or over the phone. At that point I will quickly run my technique through every shoe that you have, WITHOUT knowing what the decisions are because you will be the only one looking at your cards. Or, if you do not have any baccarat score cards/completed shoes already, then I can easily email the “Zumma Baccarat Tester” book to you, which is a book consisting of 600 real casino shoes. I would like to prove this to you today. You choose how many shoes you want to use for the demonstration, and I’ll show you something that nobody else can do, and that’s win consistently. Also, you do not have to be shy about calling me (some people are). I’m usually available at the drop of a dime, and obviously you’re interested in what I have to offer. Likewise, I’m interested in proving to you that I am as legitimate as they come, so that we can possibly get the ball rolling ASAP.

    In conclusion, I would just like to reiterate two points and make one more statement: For one, I’m not a scam. Which is why I provide any and all proof upfront. So, that the client can make a conscious decision for themselves as to whether they would like to move forward or not. Second, I ask for the client to be right there in the casino with me, so that everything is completely transparent. And outside of me making the bets, the client is in total control of his/her money at all times. Finally, the ultimate goal here is for me to reach $1 million dollars. Which would take no more than seven days if we were to start off with $25K (and it does NOT have to be 7 consecutive days). At that point, my percentage is 25% of the profit only. I do not and will not ask for any money until I reach my goal. You will keep all winnings with you at all times until I reach my target.

    P.S. I ran my method through a 20,000 live shoe test and never came close to putting the original bankroll at risk. In fact, after the 10th shoe, the original bankroll had already been doubled and I never looked back. Long story short, you will not lose! With the current shuffle, I have a 35% advantage over the game. This percentage is in exact correlation with the 5.26% advantage that the casinos have with Roulette, 1.41% with Craps, or the ever changing +-1% with Blackjack.


    702 351 1287



    • Reigned,

      Thanks so much for your report. The more reports we can post here and at other anti-scam sites, the better we can help others avoid falling prey to these heartless predators.

      Regarding your comment about race, you are absolutely right. Indeed, of all the scammers I’ve come across, the vast majority were white Caucasians, and second, Asians, and only a few black, though I’m sure that’s only due to a limited sample size of exposure. So, there’s no shortage of scamming genes in every corner of the world. Of course, people may tend to resort to criminal behavior when they have limited legitimate income opportunities, so there is definitely a socioeconomic factor to the prevalence of scamming.

      Regardless, I know I’ve never written anything racist in my own posts or comments, but if others have left racist comments, thanks for pointing it out and reminding us that scamming is unfortunately a universal condition.

      Thanks again, and keep vigilant!


      • I did this. Flew out to Vegas this past weekend and met him. He seemed like a great guy and very legit. We demo’d his system over the phone for a week prior using shoes I played in Atlantic City and it all worked out.

        Put up $10,000 buy in which he whittled down to $5,400. He said he was going to run to the bathroom and never came back. Didn’t take any money though.

      • Thanks for the report, Scammed … and I’m terribly sorry to hear that you lost your money in his scam.

        Wished you had come across our reports about him before.

        It’s simply amazing how he can continue to operate like this, knowing full well he is lying, cheating, and scamming.

  6. Just to let you know this is still gong on. There has to be a way to stop the scammers.

  7. I’ve been emailing someone that has the same phone number
    (702) 351-1287. They go by the name Vincent I emailed him about going to Vegas and letting him make me money. He keeps saying how much money he could make me so I asked for references. Only one person wrote me back and that’s after telling him I didn’t believe him. So I tracked both ip addresses from both emails and they were coming from the same place. I haven’t wrote him back he’s still expecting to see me in Vegas soon.

    • Thanks for the report, Johnny.
      Great to hear you didn’t fall for his scam. 🙂

      • Does he lose people’s money or does he like to meet up and take the money and run. I’ll be in Vegas next week and I was going to meet up but after looking in to him and finding this site I won’t be unless I meet up and watch him lose his own money.

      • He knows he has a 50/50 chance at winning, so half the time, he will come out on top to profit, while the other half, he will lose. The trick is, he plays with your money, so when he wins, he takes half the winnings, but when he loses, you swallow the whole loss. So, win, he wins, and lose, you lose. Absolutely no risk for him. He’s a con, pure and simple, and there’s an endless supply of gullible dupes out there to keep him going. What a life, eh?

  8. He told me he didn’t want any money but he wanted testimonials. If I could bring a minimum of $2500 he could turn $2500 to $40,000 for me and I keep it all I just need to write a testimony. I was told he needed this so he could sell his system for $100,000 to high rollers. Here’s part of an email
    Also, I have made it a point that inform everyone that I will travel to a casino near you, in order to play for you and gain your testimonial ASAP.  I have been to Atlantic City, Detroit, Tunica, California, etc., just to meet with a client.  This is why I asked why you haven’t moved forward.  Once again, to my small clients, I’m not selling you anything.  I’m just helping you out for you reference.  It takes two days or less to make somewhere between $20K to $40K.  It happens that fast.  And after I teach you how to do this on your own, immediately after you submit your testimonial, my method will become your main income, not just “extra” income.  

  9. Where are you guys finding him posting now? I know he used to post on Craigslist but I lost track of him. I’m actually trying to get in touch with him so I can meet him. He scammed one of my friends. Any help would be appreciated.

  10. Hey Jim I contacted him on Craigslist probably a year ago and I just started emailing him again since I’ll be in Vegas soon. The email address he is using now is he should respond to that email or that number. Goes by Vincent now.

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