Baccarat Simulation Series 15 Results: MB Ultimate Baccarat

Results from Baccarat Simulations Series 15 are presented below.

In this series, I examined Michael Brannan’s Ultimate Baccarat.

Read a discussion of the results in the post Brannan’s Ultimate Baccarat: Dis-Advantaged Play.

Player’s Advantage (Flat Bet) % Shoes Win % Shoes Loss % Shoes Broke Even Best Score Worst Score
MBU Min -1.27% 47.54% 47.81% 4.65% 36 -37
MBU Maj -1.29% 47.74% 47.51% 4.75% 37 -34
MBU Switch -1.21% 47.74% 47.60% 4.66% 36 -36
MBU Full MM -1.23% 50.06% 47.56% 2.38% 32 -14

Data Set: 102,600 baccarat shoes used, including Zumma 600, Zumma 1000, Wizard of Odds 1000, and Virtuoid 100,000 (ref. My Baccarat Shoe Factory).

Player’s Advantage is the net units won after commissions divided by the total units bet.

Flat betting only.

MBU = Michael Brannan’s Ultimate Baccarat

Min = Minority betting
Maj = Majority betting

Switch = Includes switching between Min and Maj

Full MM = Min, Maj, Switch, and Brannan’s full money management procedure

% Shoes Won, Lost, Broke Even, and Best and Worst Scores are from shoes using flat betting


Graphs of Net Units Won (after commissions) per Shoe:

102,600 Shoes

MB Ultimate Baccarat (flat betting, Min, Maj, Switch, Full MM):

Disclaimer: The betting strategies and results presented are for educational and entertainment purposes only. Gambling involves substantial risks, and the odds are not in the player’s favor by design. The author does not state nor imply any system, method, or approach offers users any advantage, and he shall not be held liable under any circumstances for any losses whatsoever.


3 Responses to “Baccarat Simulation Series 15 Results: MB Ultimate Baccarat”

  1. […] Likewise, in my most recent simulations, I demonstrate that Brannan’s Ultimate Baccarat offers no true edge (ref. Series 15 Results). […]

  2. Hi Dave,

    First of all, great site.

    I’m just wondering, on Brannan’s UM, on what is the criteria or the trigger that would indicate a switch from MIN to MAJ. I’m intruige about applying his method. It seems like it’s an option to delay the inevitable. I’ve been playing Baccarat since they opened up here in AC. There is an added excitement with the opening of the new REVEL on the boardwalk.

    Please relay the info about the switch criteria. Thanks for your help and attention.

    Best Regards,


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