Baccarat Simulation Series 20 Results: Setup N4

Results from Baccarat Simulations Series 20 are presented below.

In this series, I examined Setup N4.

Player’s Advantage (Flat Bet) % Shoes Win % Shoes Loss % Shoes Broke Even Best Score Worst Score
N4a -1.55% 1.26% 1.19% 97.55% 6 -6
N4b -1.18% 1.37% 1.22% 97.41% 18 -18
N4c -1.26% 1.83% 1.63% 96.54% 27 -26

Data Set: 1,000,000 shoes used, Virtuoid 1,000,000
(ref. My Baccarat Shoe Factory.)

Player’s Advantage is the net units won after commissions divided by the total units bet.

Flat betting only.

N4a – N4c = Setups N4a – N4c


Graphs of Net Units Won (after commissions) per Shoe:

Setup 4a, 4b, 4c:

Disclaimer: The betting strategies and results presented are for educational and entertainment purposes only. Gambling involves substantial risks, and the odds are not in the player’s favor by design. The author does not state nor imply any system, method, or approach offers users any advantage, and he shall not be held liable under any circumstances for any losses whatsoever.


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