The Shuffle Master Hustler

“Steve Gowan,” “Craig Mayor,” “Justtryingtomakeit,” “melarvae,” “Jay.”

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Now he is going by the name “Matthew Lawrence,” and his new pitch makes him the official Shuffle Master Hustler.

His latest pitch goes like this:

I’m glad that my ad caught your attention. But, you need to understand that this isn’t just an ordinary “shot in the dark” investment. It’s a sure fire method that I want to use to build up the necessary capital to get into a certain private placement program that I have a connection to. The PPP that I’m speaking of, returns approximately 90% of your investment every month. I’m not too sure if you are familiar with PPP’s, but that’s the reason why I’m running the program that I’m about to explain to you.

I have a very powerful Baccarat method, but my method isn’t the key factor in my program, as you will see momentarily. I live right here in Las Vegas, everything is done in person, face to face, so that you can see first hand exactly how serious I am. I have absolutely nothing to hide and I’m ready to prove my claims at anytime.

The opportunity at hand is based on brand new information concerning the game of Baccarat (The Casino Game). I’m going to make a long story very short and please do not be so quick to write off what I’m saying, because it is very profitable.. Every casino in Las Vegas (and pretty much any other casino in America) uses the “Shuffle Master” shuffling machines. And I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but those machines are programmed to deal out whatever kind of shoe the casino wants them to deal out. In other words, every casino cheats. All Las Vegas casinos like to create “Neutral” shuffles, which means the average player will not be able to identify any patterns that they can possibly use to follow the shoe. By means that I’m not going to mention in this email, I came into contact with a client that showed me the code and tendencies for any neutral Shuffle Master machine that is used for Baccarat, since they’re all preset to the same neutral function. This is information that I am obviously not supposed to know. No, I’m not saying that I have the key to win every single hand that is played. But, It produces a 70% percent win rate, which is a better percentage than any Black Jack card counter or Poker player can accomplish.

I have already ran the test through 1000 live shoes from 7 different Las Vegas casinos, and the bankroll doubles approximately, every 10 shoes. 10 shoes can be played over a course of one day. Baccarat is an expensive game (table limit wise), and I will not beat around the bush. This is a method that will eventually cause a player to become blacklisted, therefore it’s not in my best interest to start off small. What you need to understand is that my method is in alignment (approx. 70%) with the algorithm of the current Shuffle Master program, therefore making my program fail proof.

Here’s the deal that I offer: If you bring $10,000 to the table, I will turn it into $160,000 dollars over a 4 day period. The most that you will risk is $5,000 dollars. Afterwards, you’ll keep $100,000 for yourself, and I’ll take the remaining $60,000 dollars. Thereafter, I will teach you the system, and then we will part ways. There’s no need in tying each other down after this point. If you want to try to tear Vegas down from playing Baccarat, then be my guest, because I’ll be doing the same thing, until I’m no longer allowed to play. FYI, although there is a 4 day minimum, I can produce $320,000 on the 5th day and $640,000 on the 6th day, if you decide that you want to keep working with me after the fourth day. If you do not believe that I am fully capable of generating such a large amount of money in such a short period of time, I will demonstrate my method without ever placing one bet on the table. That’s my proof! Not fabricated documentation and testimonials. I never understood why people continuously fall for things like that. When dealing with a person that you do not know personally, it’s always better to witness everything with your own eyes. Therefore, if you are a “naysayer” or just a non-believer, then come out to Las Vegas and I will show you the difference between fact and fiction!

And I want to make this very clear, I am not asking you to give me anything upfront. I’m asking that you come out to Las Vegas, as an investor, and witness my program unfold right in front of your eyes. If you do not mind spending longer periods of time inside of a casino, then I can complete the program in 2 days, instead of 4 days. I am looking to get this done ASAP. Also, I want both you and I to feel safe. Therefore, anytime that we meet, we will meet inside of a casino that has thousands of people and hundreds of cameras. There is absolutely no funny business here!

FYI, the $10,000 bankroll is just a tester to let the subject know that my method is in sync with the algorithm of the shuffle machines. I can, and prefer to multiply a lot more money in one shot. If I’m going to run the risk of getting blacklisted from a casino, then it might as well be for a very good and profitable reason.


A somewhat credible premise: a way of beating the Shuffle Master machine if you know how it shuffles. From a technical standpoint, I believe it can be done. But from a practical standpoint, any casino that tries to intentionally control the shuffle opens its doors wide open to collusion schemes by its employees, and a host of other problems (ref: Shuffle Control: Why It’s Bad for the House).

And, if there really were a 70% advantage that can be exploited by those “in the know” by Shuffle Master employees, wouldn’t they be the first to take advantage of it, start out with $100 and become gazillionaires in no time? Surely, by now all the casinos using Shuffle Masters would be bankrupt by now, or at least they would have figured out why they were losing so badly and thus abandoned Shuffle Master for another brand.

And, anyone with the kind of “secret knowledge” that Matthew Lawrence claims to have doesn’t need to be advertising for investors with $10,000 bankrolls, because long before the time it would take to find one, he could’ve been able to make many times more starting with just $100 of his own money. Start with $100, play 70 shoes, which according to him is just 7 days of playing, and end up with $12,800. With his method, why would he need more than $100 and a week of playing time to make the necessary bankroll to go on to make gazillions more from there? Why would he want or need to share the profits with any “investor?”

By the time you read this, I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy has already changed his identity yet again. But this guy’s M.O. is fairly consistent:

– He lives in Las Vegas.

– He has two tiers of systems:

1) Class A, for which he seeks investor partners with big bankrolls;

2) Class B, less effective, but he’s willing to part with them for a few hundred bucks.

– He offers to demonstrate and “prove” his method risk free.

– He has a really bad-ass attitude, and comes across like the worst salesman in the world, a real jerk.

– He will give you a long list of references, supposedly his previous clients, but when you try contacting them, they don’t reply.

– He uses the phone number: 702 788 3500.

– He has been known to work with a partner, last known as “Jamel Harris.” (phone: 702 351 1287).

– UPDATE:  Another alias he uses (as of 09/03/11) is Vincent Har.

I’m sure this won’t be the last time we hear from Matthew Lawrence / Steve Gowan / Craig Mayor / Justtryingtomakeit / melarvae / Jay, or whatever his name is now.


4 Responses to “The Shuffle Master Hustler”

  1. […] here is the correct url… The Shuffle Master Hustler « ImSpirit

    Sorry… it’s imspirit not impress […]

    • Who is the author of this post? What happened, I just came across this guy Jay recently and was thinking about giving it a shot. Please let me know, thanks.

      • virtuoid Says:

        @Dave – Don’t waste your time, money, or trust on this Jay guy. He’s a notorious con in the scam industry.

      • This is a total sham. If you look at how the shufflers work, you can see where the random effect comes into play, all computer random numbers are generated from a seed in a closed system which shufflers by law are. The shufflers get seeded before they are put into use and the seed is different every time.

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