Shadowing Ellis at Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course

Here is a quick field report:

After a full day’s seminar and sharing a round of drinks and chicken wings with Ellis C. Davis, Keith Smith, Lori, Paul, Leo, and others in the BTC group, we went to play a few baccarat shoes at the Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course.

Ellis played two shoes, winning +10u in each for a +20u total for the night. It took around an hour or so.

I shadowed Ellis’ bets in the second shoe and won +10u for myself. Thanks, Ellis!

The shoes were as follows (up until coloring in):

Shoe 1: P41214132332211111322 (+10u)
Shoe 2: B1123113212111 (+10)

Next we head to Ellis’ old stomping grounds, Atlantic City.

A complete report about my trip to follow soon.

Pictures I took of the casino tonight:


6 Responses to “Shadowing Ellis at Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course”

  1. Did you say Hi?

    • @Egalite

      LOL. After the seminar, we had beers before and after we went to Hollywood.

      Ellis is most sincere, genuine, considerate, helpful, and gracious. A truly first-class guy.

      He really knows his stuff, and he puts his money where his mouth is.

      More soon; getting ready for AC now.

  2. […] Including the 2 shoes from yesterday at Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course in PA, Ellis won all 6 out of the 6 shoes I witnessed him play. Total units won over the 2 days: +55u. The lowest drawdown was -1u for all but two shoes: the first on in PA, which had a -3u drawdown, and the last shoe in AC, which had a -4u drawdown. Our bankroll was always 20u, though in hindsight, we would have done just as well with far less. […]

  3. […] As I had briefly relayed in my previous two posts (Shadowing Ellis and Ellis and I Take on Atlantic City), Ellis convincingly demonstrated to me with real money in live play that he can consistently win at baccarat. Thanks to him, I am a little wealthier today in terms of chips, experience, and perspective. […]

  4. I tried many times to register with but I was unsuccessful. I want to learn more,so could you please seen me some systems so I could learn. Thank you.

    • Thanks for leaving your comment. I’m actually not associated with their operation at all in any way.

      There is also a free, public forum, where you can interact with many other long time players with a lot of knowledge and experience with Ellis’ and others systems.

      Personally, I no longer play using Ellis’ methods, as I was not able to keep winning. You can read my other articles detailing my continued experiences.

      Thanks again, and take care,

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