A Call For Live Data

An ImSpirit reader asked me to post the following request:

He would like to collect a database of live baccarat shoe data (card values and decisions) from casinos which burn cards face up.

If you have access to such casinos and would like to share your data with him, please contact him with any questions directly at:  fivecardstud@gmx.com


5 Responses to “A Call For Live Data”

  1. E. Clifton Davis Says:

    I’m not sure any situation exists wherein the observer would know the values of all the burn cards. While yes, when the top card is turned over and the dealer burns the face value of the turned over card, those few cards are often shown face up. BUT. The initial burn, usually 22 cards, are never shown face up.

    Furthermore, while many books have been written over the years on card counting in Baccarat, I’ve never seen any kind of count that has been the least bit predictive of the undealt decisions or of ties including the infamous odd even preponderance of the undealt card values. I suspect your reader is barking up a nonexistent tree.

    • Initial burn of 22 cards? Please explain. Must be some interesting prep rules for baccarat where you play!

  2. Burning cards face-up is equal to no burn card. Card counting at baccarat does have advantage but the bet opportunity is bloody scarce.

  3. Jerry the homeless gambler Says:

    the 101 casino in Petaluma Ca. and the 580 casino in Livermore Ca. deal 3 hands face up instead of burning cards

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